Return to Hope

December 04, 2019

There are some goals we have set for a few years in a row now that we’ve not yet seen accomplished, but we can’t help but hope that 2020 might just be the year that we see it happen. While we are locked into limits of time, God has no such limitation on getting His list checked off. Knowing this gives us hope and shackles us to the truth of His faithfulness. 

It Has Come To You

November 01, 2019

While life may be unpredictable in what it brings to us on a daily basis, one thing is certain, that God is still holding tight to the steering wheel and He hasn’t lost control and we can be confident that He will get us through the storm.


October 11, 2019

Things happen in life and often don't turn out as we plan, but if we dare to let God lead us, they turn out better than we could have imagined.

Stay Put

September 10, 2019

When things are boring, or it seems like change is slow to come, keep going – stay put– because in the process of time your roots will go down deep and you will see the the benefits of staying put.

Go In

August 07, 2019

The things we are believing for won’t simply fall into our laps effortlessly, they must be taken, they must be possessed. Today, we’re possessing what God has promised – it may not be without work but it’s worth the effort when it is all said and done.

Better Things

July 10, 2019

At times we’ve been guilty of settling for what works rather than what is better. The life of faith is one that calls us to reach out for what is better rather than simply settling for what works at any given moment. A key component to reaching out for better is to be convinced that God actually has better in store. 


June 06, 2019

Acts 12:5 Tells us of a dark moment when prayer was being made for Peter who had been put in prison by Herod...Have you ever felt like Peter? The difference between retreating and advancing when we find ourselves in such places is prayer. 

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Sometimes we have No Words for what life brings. This past week, we had one of those times when there were No words. Click here for more.

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